Our kitchen products have incredible staying power. They are durable enough to last generations, and functional enough to be everyday essentials. And because they are recyclable, they can live on even after they no longer suit your purposes.

Kitchen Starter Set | 4 items

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Product Information

B Corp Made in USA Recycled Gimme 5 BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Melamine Free

This set is the perfect combination of products to start or refresh your kitchen. It includes:

  • 3-piece Mixing Bowls: Nested set of 2 quart, 3 quart, and 4 quart
  • 1 Small Plastic Cutting Board (10" x 8")
  • 1 Small Colander (1.5 quart)
  • 4-piece Measuring Cups: Set of 1/4 Cup, 1/3 Cup, 1/2 Cup and 1 Cup
  • 9 pieces in total


  • Made of 100% recycled #5 plastic, 100% recyclable
  • Easy gripping handles
  • Organic shapes inspired by nature
  • Durable and sturdy

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