Mailing Best Practices

We designed the Gimme 5 Toothbrush Take Back program to help you recoup the cost of mailing your Preserve toothbrushes to us for recycling. If you ship your toothbrushes in efficient bulk packages to us via the US Postal Service, then your 6 toothbrushes will cost just $3 to mail.  Then with our reward of a $6 coupon at Preserve’s online store, you can order 2 Preserve toothbrushes (retail value of $6) paying only another $3 in shipping. The end result: you’ve recycled 6 Preserve toothbrushes, received 2 new Preserve toothbrushes and spent just $6.

An efficient bulk package starts with a lightweight mailing container.  We've found that one of the best lightweight containers is an empty 20oz. plastic beverage container.  We like this because you're reusing the bottle and then it gets recycled at our sorting facility. Stuff your container full of Preserve toothbrushes (you should be able to fit 6), twist on the cap, tape our tracking label to the outside, put $2.50 in postage on the outside and drop in your closet mailbox. 

Check out our chart below to calculate your postage and rewards.  The chart assumes that you have a lightweight mailing container that weighs 1oz.


  Toothbrushes Cumulative Weight (ounces) Postage Total Coupon Value*  
  1 1.5 $2.45 $1  
  2 2 $2.45 $2  
  3 2.5 $2.45 $3  
  4 3 $2.45 $4  
  5 3.5 $2.64 $5  
  6 4 $2.64 $6  
  7 4.5 $2.83 $7  
  8 5 $2.83 $8  
  9 5.5 $3.02 $9  
  10 6 $3.02 $10  
  11 6.5 $3.21 $11  
  12 7 $3.21 $12  


*Coupons are awarded after reaching an increment of 6 Preserve toothbrushes.

Facts, Assumptions and Math

The US Postal Service calculates your postage by weight and shipping container shape. To ship toothbrushes back to us, the USPS requires $2.45 for the first 3 ounces and $.19 for each ounce thereafter.  Each Preserve adult toothbrush is about .50 ounces.  Each Preserve kids toothbrush is .30 ounces.  A 20oz. beverage bottle with cap weighs about .90 ounces.

Gimme 5 Bins

If mailing isn't the right option for you, you can always recycle your Preserve toothbrushes in our Gimme 5 bins. Click here to find one near you.