Does Your Package Have a Code On It?

If you have a Preserve toothbrush with a rewards code on it, you have our older packaging.  In August, 2014 we updated our packaging to indicate that Preserve has ended our postage-paid recycling program but that we still offer two great ways to recycle your toothbrush.  To learn more including the history of why we made this change, please click here.

We do recognize that even now, some stores are still cycling through our previous packaging and because of that, the change in our recycling program has caught some people by surprise.  If you’re one of them and you had toothbrushes saved up and ready to send back, please just contact us.  We’re happy to find a recycling solution with you.

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks again for being a Preserve toothbrush recycler.


Old Packaging   New Packaging